The Spirit, Mind & Body Workout
Having a baby changes everything.

That's why Smart Moves Momma isn't just another workout video!

This is a 'whole person' workout designed to strengthen and bring balance to your Spirit, Mind and Body both during and after pregnancy.

For each session, Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff (recording artist and worship leader for Joel Osteen) encourages you to set your  Spirit Focus with motivating devotionals.

Instructor Nicole Tolman has designed a PRENATAL workout for all three trimesters of your pregnancy.  These exercises condition your body to carry the baby more comfortably; and prepare both mind and body for a healthy delivery.

Instructor Martha Strathouse follows up with a workout especially for your POSTNATAL recovery.  You'll strengthen and tone abs, arms and legs while bringing calmness to the mind- and be on your way back to a pre-baby body!

Special Features include:
Music by Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff
Award Winning Music Video by Solveig Henderson,
and other inspiring Christian music
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